Inspiring Creative Woodwork

             Inspiring Creative Woodwork             


 Recommended list of tools required for wooden projects                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                 Set square                                                        Hand saw

Screwdrivers                                                     Hammer

Drill (Cordless is better) or Hand drill               Set of drill bits

Pencil                                                               Screws and Nails

Sandpaper                                                       Tape measure

Spirit level                                                        G clamps

Electric jigsaw if you need to cut out shapes

Solid surface (Work bench if available)


Safety Precautions

Risk assessment (prior to activity)


First aid kit

Power breaker - if fuse board does not have an RCD (residual current device)


I use the Toolstation store for screws and nails which are very reasonable. They also sell good tools and equipment at reasonable prices. Maybe ask family, friends, work colleagues and parents if they could donate any items or perhaps a toolbox ready to start a collection for your setting. Ensure all tools are in good condition.




A few ideas to get you started!

Mud kitchens can be made from an old pallet or a sheet of outdoor plywood, a few tools and a bit of imagination. A simple plank of wood across 2 crates and a few spoons and containers would also create hours of fun alongside mud, bark, pinecones, petals, grass, sticks, water and other natural materials.

Bird box making instructions and plans can be found online, along with ladybug and butterfly hotels!

Log boxes can be made from wooden decking boards/pallets/planks of wood and filled with various lengths/sizes of small logs and branches, creating a wonderful open ended resource. Local tree surgeons are usually more than happy to give away or sell logs and branches.

Outdoor blackboards, mirrors, height charts, water runs, sensory boards, music walls can also be made from cheap materials.

Give opportunities for children to experiment with tools by simply drilling holes in a piece of wood then using a screwdriver to practice inserting screws. Also hammering nails into wood and sanding blocks of wood. Join nuts and bolts together through a hole in pieces of wood using spanners.

Timber merchants will often give away or sell off cuts of woods which can be cut into different sizes, sanded, then used for numerous construction activities. A box of wooden blocks is usually very expensive to purchase from nursery suppliers.

Hope these few ideas inspire you to have a go and give you the confidence to provide opportunities for children to learn about using real tools, how to respect and use tools safely, as well as create some brilliant wooden creations!!!



                                                      HAVE FUN!

          Benefits of Woodwork in

Early Years




Woodwork provides a unique learning experience for young children. It is rich in so many areas of learning and development and it is an activity which children really enjoy, being absorbed for extended periods of time. It encompasses creative thinking, maths skills, scientific investigation, physical development and coordination, developing language and vocabulary, and much more.

It has the potential to build self esteem and confidence, through being empowered to use real tools, by being given some responsibility, accomplishing tasks that they initially feel to be challenging, gaining new skills and finally taking pride in their creations.

Sadly there is now very little if any practical woodwork offered to primary or secondary children, so for many an experience in early years maybe their only experience of using tools and making creations in this way. In our changing world the skills to make and repair are important as is our ability to think creatively