Over 50 practitioners joined the group at the resource centre to make dens with the resources available.

The dens they made spanned a great reange of materials and interests

Dens can be made from rugs, blankets and everyday furniture.
Even simple cardboard boxes can be turned into dens and exciting spaces to explore.
Dark dens with low voltage or battery lights can create a magical space.

Participants explored the den making materials and made the following comments.


Who is the Den for?

What Is the story?

How would the children be learning?

Resources to extend the experiences

Tarpaulin, clips and shower curtain


Quieter an shy children

Any child keen to explore and construct

Incorporate under the sea stories

Such as commotion in the ocean

Add shells, natural items, netting, pumice stones, sea creatures

Cds and tranquil music

Playing and exploring

Active learning

Critical thinking.

Commotion in the ocean

Snail and the whale

Cd music

Sea songs

Soft and fluffy with fairy lights.


Any child

It could represent a snowy day

Princesses, light.


Fairy lights

One snowy night


The children could learn through developing recent experiences for example if it snowed.

One snowy night

Kippers snowy day

Elmer in the snow

The snow lambs


Ice play

Shaving foam

Dark Den and torches


Witches, wizards superheroes

Children who want to explore the dark

Exploring dark and light

Building relationships

Developing stories

Learning through imagination working together.


Going on a bear hunt


Dark dark tale

Can’t you sleep little bear

Torches an other light sources

Superhero costumes and small world figure

Beautiful materials



Looking at texture and light

Relevance of food as a temptation to get in side


Creative and critical thinking

Collage with beautiful materials


The magic sky


Rainbow fish

Camouflage net



Outside den for preschool children

Going camping, or fishing

In the jungle

Exploring habitats

Through physical skills

Critical thinking




The Gruffalo

Percy the park keeper  

Maisie mouse goes camping


Magnifying glasses

Collecting pots

Boxes and teddies


Role play home corner

Small world play

Teddy bears picnic, camping


Active learning

Creative and critical thinking

Playing and exploring

Picnic set

Eating outside

Bear hunt outside

Making porridge


Teddy bears picnic

Where’s my teddy

Cardboard boxes


Explorers and children who enjoy role-play

Physical play


Cave on ad desert island

There re lots of cubby holes inside


Active learning

Creative and critical thinking

Playing and exploring

My cat likes to hide in boxes

What ever next?

Dear Zoo


Small boxes for junk modeling

Paint and Sellotape to decorate

Pieces of material small and large


Small children an their teddies

Snack time

Story time

Communication friendly space


Gruffalo’s child

Bear hunt


Thinking of ideas having a can do attitude

Playing an exploring active learning

Collage with material

Dancing with scarves


Dressing up with scarves and pieces of material.

Sewing and weaving